City Departments



Administration The Administration Department, under the direction of the City Manager, manages the functions of all departments and oversees the implementation of the City Council’s policies and decisions. In addition to coordinating Council and Commission activities, Administration is responsible for Human Resources, Safety, Elections, Licensing, Data Practices, Records, Information Technology, Recycling, and Communication.
Assessing The Assessing Department is responsible for maintaining property tax records and estimating the proposed market values for all city properties. Crystal contracts with Hennepin County to provide this service. Its main responsibilities are managing Homestead Exemptions, Special Assessments, and Property Valuation and Classification. General property information can be found in this section as well.
Communications The Communications Department provides professional assistance to City departments by assuming primary responsibility for coordinating the management and development of the City’s communications programs. It ensures high quality and timely distribution of accurate and relevant information to stakeholders and promotes the positive public image of the community. The City uses a variety of tools in an effort to remain transparent and share information with citizens, elected officials and City staff.
Community Development The Community Development Department serves as the City’s main enforcement arm for regulations related to land use, building construction, and property maintenance. It also implements the programs and activities of the City’s Economic Development Authority. It is responsible for Planning, Zoning, Code Enforcement, Housing, Building, Rental & Sign Licensing, Health, and Redevelopment.
Finance The Finance Department is responsible for producing the City’s annual budget under the direction of the City Council. It advises the Council on financial matters, produces monthly and annual financial reports, manages payroll and benefits for City employees, issues vendor checks, produces utility bills, invests City funds, manages City debt, and purchases property and liability insurance for the City.
Fire West Metro Fire-Rescue District provides fire services to the communities of Crystal and New Hope. Its major areas of responsibility are: fire suppression, emergency medical support, specialized rescue and extrication services, fire prevention through code enforcement and public fire safety education, emergency hazardous materials release response, and fire cause and origin investigation.
Parks & Recreation The Recreation Department provides a variety of leisure services to our residents to benefit the general health, education, and environment of the community. It provides quality opportunities for involvement in a wide range of active and passive leisure-time pursuits for all ages and abilities. It manages the Crystal Community Center and the Crystal Cove Aquatic Center, as well as provides support to the Parks and Recreation Commission.
Police The Police Department provides professional police protection and emergency services to the community. Our motto is to provide, “Service with compassion and integrity.” We use contemporary strategies to solve neighborhood problems and concerns while placing an emphasis on building community partnerships. Animal control, dog licensing, juvenile laws, crime prevention, victim’s rights & services, and safety programs can be found in this section.
Public Works The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of streets, water supply, sanitary sewer service, storm drainage systems, parks & trails, and all public properties and facilities. Public Works also includes the Engineering and Forestry Departments. Engineering manages all construction projects and maintains records of all city infrastructure and lot and parcel records. Forestry manages the City’s urban forest.