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Zoning Code
Crystal has several residential, commercial and industrial zoning districts which are intended to ensure that adjacent land uses are as compatible with each other as possible. The Zoning Code contains the land use regulations for each zoning district.

Zoning Map

If you would like written information about the zoning of a specific property, please contact Dan Olson, 763-531-1142, or mail a request at City Hall, 4141 Douglas Dr. N., Crystal, MN 55422.

Types of Special Land Use Applications

Site Plan Review: This is required for any new building other than a single family or duplex residential structure. The Site Plan Review process provides the Planning Commission and City Council with an opportunity to review the proposed building, site layout, landscaping, and parking and loading areas. 
Conditional Use Permit (CUP): In some zoning districts, certain uses require this type of permit due to the potential for incompatibility with adjacent land uses. For example, a gas station or drive-thru restaurant would be required to get a Conditional Use Permit due to the potential negative impacts of traffic, noise and late night operations.
Variance: In cases where there is practical difficulty caused by the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance (see Zoning Code above), a property owner may apply for a Variance from that part of the regulations. Variances cannot be granted to allow a use not otherwise permitted in a particular zoning district. Typically, variances are requested from setback, parking or lot area requirements.
Subdivision: To plat property for development, divide an existing lot into two lots or move a lot line located between two lots, Hennepin County requires that such a request be approved by the City before it is accepted by the County. Requests to combine two or more existing parcels into a single parcel can usually be accomplished administratively, without review by the Planning Commission or City Council.
Rezoning: This is a request to change the zoning district designation of a property from one zoning district to another. This may also require a request to amend the Comprehensive Plan land use designation.
Planning Development (PD): A PD is an application to plan a larger property with multiple uses. The PD process allows for flexibility in the design of the development in return for providing a development that has added benefits for the community, such as protection of sensitive environmental features or higher quality architectural features.

Special Land Use Application Materials:

The Planning Commission
The Planning Commission is a 9-member advisory board appointed by the City Council. It is responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to the City's Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map. For "Agendas & Minutes", click here. The Planning Commission also holds public hearing and makes recommendations to the City Council on most special land use applications. Click here for additional information about the Planning Commission.

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