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2021 Utility Reconstruction
The project is currently in the design phase and includes replacement of sanitary sewer (including a portion of the connected services to properties), water main (including the water services up to the curb stop for each property), and storm sewer (as needed). Once all the utility work is complete, the curb and gutter will be replaced and street paved.

In all, the 2021 Utility Project includes the following streets:
   • Idaho Ave. from Medicine Lake Rd. (27th Ave.) to 30th Ave., generally the 2700 through 2900 block.
   • Louisiana Ave. from 36th Ave. to Markwood Dr. (less than 200 feet).

Project Timeline:
   • Winter 2020 - 2021 design
   • Winter 2021 - Spring 2021 bidding/contract award
   • Spring 2021 – Fall 2021 construction

Project Videos:
   • Long-term plan, utility reconstruction, survey, project funding, private driveway construction
   • Tree Removal and Driveway Aprons
   • Mail, Trash and Driveway Access
   • Sewer Repair and EDA Grant

Project Funding
It is the city council’s intent to not special assess property owners, nor borrow money, to pay for these utility reconstruction projects. Instead, the utility reconstruction program is paid for primarily from water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer utility funds, which are maintained through the utility bills paid by residents and businesses. The other major source of funding is from the street maintenance fund, which is maintained primarily by property taxes, as well as state aid funding.

As part of the city’s project, private property owners can have their sanitary sewer service pipe repaired through an OPTIONAL program paid entirely by the property owner.
2021 Street MaintenanceIn 2021, Crystal will conduct a mill and overlay street project in four locations. The map at the right shows the areas currently being considered (click to enlarge):

• The portion of Lakeland Ave. N., southeast of Wilshire Blvd. in the Welcome Park Neighborhood.

• Portions of city streets in an area south of 42nd and north of 36th Aves. N. between Louisiana Ave. N. and Douglas Dr. N. in the Brownwood Neighborhood; and five blocks of 38th Ave. N. from Douglas to Yates Ave. N. in the Fair Neighborhood.

Recon MapThe city will reconstruct the utilities (primarily water and sanitary sewer) on two streets during the 2020 construction season: Kentucky Ave. from Medicine Lake Rd. (27th Av.) to 30th Ave.; and Jersey Ave. from 30th Ave. to 32nd Ave.

Jersey Ave. – Construction of the new sanitary sewer main and water main and services has been completed. Work will begin on the new storm sewer and street grading the week of June. 29.

Kentucky Ave. – The temporary water main has been installed in anticipation of the upcoming utility work. Crews have reclaimed the existing pavement and removals of the existing driveways and curb and gutter has begun. Construction on Kentucky Avenue is expected to last approximately three months.

See the project's latest updates via the project newsletters:
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There will be no special assessments to these project area properties. For questions or concerns, contact the engineering project manager at 763-531-1161 or

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