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The city council has established a uniform system for the issuance, revocation, suspension, and renewal of licenses for all activities for which licenses are required by City Code.

It is unlawful to engage in a trade, profession, business, or privilege in the city for which a license is required without first obtaining a license from the City in the manner provided in this section.

A licensee must carry the city-issued license certificate at all times while engaged in the activity for which the license was granted. Where the licensed activity is conducted at a fixed place of business or establishment, the certificate must be exhibited at all times in a conspicuous place on the licensed premises. The licensee must present the license certificate upon request to any police officer or authorized representative of the city. Licenses are not transferable.

Before opening a new business, complete the Business Information Form. This form is routed to appropriate staff for review to answer any questions relating to licensing, zoning, health regulations, and permits. The City of Crystal does not have a general business license.

The following list is not inclusive of all city-issued licenses; rather, it contains the most common types.

NOTE TO ALL APPLICANTS: If you live in Crystal and/or own a business in Crystal, you must also fill out this Certification of Financial Responsibility form along with your licensing paperwork.

Application Forms
City Code Section Approved License Lists
(if applicable)
Multiple Animal Kennel (private & commercial) 910 n/a
Dog Licenses not required.
Current rabies vaccinations are required.
910 n/a
Garbage & Refuse Hauler 605 Garbage & Refuse Hauler List
Lawful Gambling
(call 763-531-1145 for information)
1130 Lawful Gambling List
(call 763-531-1145 for information)
1200 n/a
Massage Therapy 1140 n/a
(call 763-531-1145 for information)
1125 n/a
Rental (single-family, duplex, triplex, fourplex, 5+ units) 425 n/a
Second Hand Goods Dealer
Second Hand Goods Dealer (exempt)
1120 n/a

Solicitor, Peddler

Transient Merchant

Transient Merchant - Farm

Non-Profit & Free Expression

1110 Solicitor License List
Tobacco 1105 n/a
Tree Trimmer 1115 Tree Trimmer List

Food service establishments, lodging establishments, and public swimming pools: Hennepin County Environmental Health inspects and licenses all such establishments. If you have questions or wish to file a report, please contact them at (612) 543-5200 or Their website is

Grocery and convenience stores, as well as all vending and pre-packaged food operations: these are inspected and licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. For answers to your question or to file a report related to grocery and convenience stores, vending, or pre-packaged food operations, contact State Food Inspector David Seipel at 651-429-8598 or

Body Art (Tattooing) and Piercing Establishments: These businesses are regulated by the Minnesota Department of Health's Compliance Monitoring Division, Health Occupations Program. You may contact them at (651) 201-3731 or

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